Flash card apps

This site has the details on all the flash card apps for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. Apps you can use for language learning, building vocabulary, or to memorize or study any other list of things.

65 apps in total. But you only need one, right? The one that’s the best for you.
That’s why you can filter the list depending on what you need, because you might want to...

infoReady-made cards

  • Downloads from Quizlet
  • Downloads from Study Stack
  • Downloads from ProVoc
  • Also downloads the images


  • Can send a stack to another user over wifi or bluetooth
  • Can email a stack to another user

Import & export

  • Lets you import a text file or Google Docs spreadsheet, or provides another solution
  • Can export stacks to a CSV or tab-separated text file


  • No tracking. Shows every card in a stack
  • Cards can be flagged to exclude them from a stack
  • Uses Leitner boxes
  • Uses SRS
  • Uses SRS and tracks the difficulty of each card


  • Syncs in the cloud
  • Has a website version
  • Syncs over wifi or bluetooth
  • Has a desktop version


  • Cards can have images
  • Can search for images on Flickr (or similar site) when you add a card
  • Cards can have sounds
  • Text-To-Speech: can read the contents of a card
  • Can lookup a description or translation when you add a card
  • Cards can show a hint to help you recall the answer
  • Cards can have an extra answer side: a third side